Create an Emotional Atmosphere

The Only Difference is Zeros: 10 Steps to Improved Nonprofit Development and Fundraising

Step #8 Create an Emotional Atmosphere

Now that you have had the Exploratory Meeting, and have now formulated an incredibly creative and compelling donation proposal, you are now ready for the second meeting with your potential donor. You are now ready for the Proposal Meeting.

And while Step #8 does not take a ton of explaining, it is none the less very, very important to present your proposal in a setting that is just right.

First, make sure in advance you know what type of venue you are presenting in. Is it a conference room? Is it an office? Does the potential donor think you are going to present the proposal over a meal at a restaurant? (If so, I would quickly suggest that you do NOT meet at a restaurant for the proposal and re-schedule to present in a more controlled and focused environment. You want the FULL attention of the potential donor).

Second, it is critical to prepare a way to engage the interest and attention of the potential donor right away. Figure out a way to connect with the potential donor emotionally right from the beginning of the presentation. While it is absolutely true that emotion will not close a deal—only a sound and measurable philanthropic endeavor and initiative can—an emotional introduction to that endeavor touches both the heart and the mind. An introduction of this type also puts the potential donor in a positive frame of mind. You can never know what issues or challenges the potential donor had to deal with just prior to your meeting, or what fires had to be put out! As you begin to present, you a warm and positive vibe to be wafting throughout the room.

And finally, make sure that the method you have chosen to establish the emotional backdrop to your proposal shows off your organization and the great work you are doing. Whether it is a story that is recounted, or a DVD that is shown, ensure that it reinforces the fact that there is something very special about your organization, and that anyone can be proud to be associated with your organization.

Again, what ultimately will be of most interest to your potential donor is the strength, efficiency and impact of the work your organization undertakes. But always remember that often times the road to someone’s mind and donation commitment first passes through their heart.

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This is part 8 of a 10-part series: The Only Difference is Zeroes: 10 Steps to Improved Nonprofit Development and Fundraising.

-Don Stirling

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