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Operation Kids & Brees Dream Foundation: Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans

Friday, September 21st, 2007


August 29, 2007, marked two years since Hurricane Katrina hit, and still much of New Orleans hasn’t recovered. Although much progress has been made, when it comes to the kids, there are still too many who are out of school or badly lacking in books, athletic facilities and cultural programs. Parks and playgrounds are in terrible condition. Neighborhoods are still trying to recover.

That is where Operation Kids and the Brees Dream Foundation come in with the “Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans” initiative. What’s great about this project is that it funds very specific projects, managed by hardworking, honest and caring people. Each will have a very significant and measurable impact on children and the community.

A widget was developed to enable us to take advantage of new technology to raise money from individual donors that will directly benefit eight different children’s projects in New Orleans.

Above is the introductory video, which describes the projects, their impact and the partnership between the Brees Dream Foundation and Operation Kids.