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MyoMed Ragnar Relay – Wasatch Back Update

Monday, August 4th, 2008

About six weeks ago, I mentioned our increasing involvement with the MyoMed Ragnar Relay series, just prior to the MyoMed Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back race.

Operation Kids became involved because Ragnar was looking for a way to ensure that funds raised by the race went to organizations and programs that were effective, efficient and committed to youth health and fitness.

 I am excited to announce that this year’s efforts raised nearly $20k for the youth and communities along the 178-mile relay course from Logan to Park City, Utah.

Just this past week, I was able to hand a check over for $10k to the local chapter of the American Heart Association to distribute educational health and fitness materials in schools along the race route.

Rick Larsen (Operation Kids), Meredith Mannheim (American Heart Assoc.), Tanner Bell (Ragnar Events)

Rick Larsen (Operation Kids), Meredith Mannheim (American Heart Assoc.), Tanner Bell (Ragnar Events)

Meredith Mannheim, development director for the local AHA, said:
“Staying healthy in today’s fast-food and video game world is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s children. We’re thrilled that Ragnar Events has decided to focus attention on youth health and fitness, and grateful to Operation Kids for choosing us as this year’s MyoMed Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back charity recipient. We look forward to helping children and families in communities along the race route better understand the things they need to do a guarantee a healthier life.”

The $10k was raised and donated by the race participants and supporters. Additionally, a fundraiser held by Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber (a town along the race route), raised $7,500 by providing meals to runners.

Additionally, Ragnar Events (the race’s host), donated $2,200 to schools along the race route to support youth sports programs.

It is nice to hear about charitable giving, but it is even nicer to hear about the funds raised, how they will be used and witness the impact they make. Meredith is right – with video games and fast food, being a healthy kid today takes more work than ever – from all of us.

 We are making final arrangements for the charities along the race routes of several other MyoMed Ragnar Relay races to be held this year. We expect, as our relationship continues, the donations will become even more sizeable.

Which youth and health fitness programs seem to make the biggest difference to you?

Operation Kids participation in the MyoMed Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I had the privilege of being at the finish line of the MyoMed Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay this past Saturday and I want to extend a well-earned “congratulations” to Dan Hill and Tanner Bell.

Operation Kids was there when these two young men decided to take action on what was then, a very ambitious and untested idea. It was truly amazing to be part of what this event has become in just a few short years.

The feeling of community and camaraderie at the end of this relay race is just incredible (I suppose 24 hours with your teammates will either make you friends or, well, not-so-friendly). I don’t know how they do it, but this race attracts nice people! It was such a pleasure to greet them as they were unwinding or waiting for the rest of their team and listen to their enthusiasm for the race and for supporting Operation Kids. I even learned, quite by accident, that a very good friend of mine was in Park City all the way from Truckee, California to run in this race with a team his daughter put together. Way to go Gary!

Dan and Tanner, you have built a great event and it is our pleasure to be your benefited charity here in Park City, and nationwide.