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A day to be remembered

Friday, May 16th, 2008

May 9, 2008 is a date that will forever be remembered in Operation Kids history. It was the first time we ever assembled—in the same room—our Board of Trustees, National Advisory Board and Whole Child Committee. It was important in many respects, but perhaps the most important reasons have to do with how we are improving how we help kids.

Anyone who has ever written a mission statement for a business or project knows that it can be a difficult process. If every word is to actually mean something, you need to be economical with the word count but accurate with the vision of the effort. A new and refined mission statement came out of this session, and it not only reflects the values and goals we have always maintained, but it also reflects who we are today based on what we have learned:

OK Foundation is a full-service, charitable partner dedicated to effective giving. We manage client giving and support a researched community of charities serving the most important issues facing kids – including their education, health, safety and well-being. By so doing, we improve the lives of children, and increase the accountability and effectiveness of charities serving them. Our clients know…their giving is “OK.”

This statement portends new and better ways to give for donors and more effective uses of donated funds for children in need. More will come on this later, but the most important highlight is that Operation Kids, which is the project arm of the OK Foundation, is expanding on a model that has been our most successful to date – that of being a “charitable giving strategist.” There is really nothing like this in the charitable world, and we are excited about what it means.

Let me give you analogy to describe this concept. (more…)

Katrina’s Children

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Today’s blog post was written by Steve Reiher, VP of Marketing & Development for Operation Kids.

Have you ever wondered what experiencing Hurricane Katrina was like from a child’s perspective? Or how they are dealing with the experience more than two years after it happened?

It’s a story that needed to be told. That’s why we helped fund Katrina’s Children, a new documentary that explores the Katrina experience from the perspectives of 19 New Orleans children who lived through it.

The film was recently featured at the Miami International Film Festival and will soon be distributed across the country. Proceeds will fund a variety of children’s programs in New Orleans.

Katrina’s Children also recently premiered in New Orleans. Many children featured in the movie attended to see the film for the first time. It was a sobering experience.

The children of New Orleans experienced a wide range of emotions and faced different circumstances because of the storm. It was a life-changing event for all of them. We can learn a lot from the children of Katrina to prepare for (and recover from) future disasters. We can also draw inspiration from their strength in the face of such terrible adversity.

I encourage everyone to visit the Katrina’s Children website here . Or click here to watch a 3-minute trailer of this remarkable film.

Thanks again to everyone supporting Operation Kids’ efforts to help the children of New Orleans!